Tag quality going bad....periodically

I have a peculiar problem.
I am communicating with 5 PLCs using Modbus on TCP. I am using Ignition version 7.5.6 on Linux.
When i start my server machine, Ignition server also starts. The status window shows that it is connected to all the 5PLCs.
But when i view the tags, it shows bad quality periodically. (the value is there for 5 seconds then the quality goes bad for 2 seconds and then the value comes back. )This happens continuously.
But when i disconnect and reconnect the Devices(PLCs), this problem disappears…
That means every time i start my system, I’ll have to disconnect and reconnect all my devices, which is cumbersome and am sure something can be done to set this right… :neutral_face:

Looking forward to a solution.

I have similar problems with AB connections.

Me too. 7.5.7 running on Linux. How fast are you scanning those tags?

If I have my fast rate at 250ms, i get the periodic bad quality, but when I bump it up to 500ms quality stays good.

I have the same problem with TCP driver tags.

However, never I have communication errors.

Does any body how to fix that?

ignition 7.5.9b

I would suggest creating a separate forum thread for your issue if you are using the TCP driver. Your issue sounds like may be different, and, you are already running the latest release of 7.5.9, which I am going to suggest as an upgrade for everyone else that has posted in this thread.

To anyone that has skipped the top, please update your software to the latest release of 7.5.9, or Release Candidate 7.5.10, and see if this corrects the issue.