Tag Quality in The Designer has Uncertain_InitialValue

My computer has Ignition and Tia portal V13. Besides, I have conected a PLC S7-1200 CPU 1212DCDCDC. The PLC is running without problems. In conclusion, I want to see the value that changed from my program to Ignition.

This message has in the tag quality.
Could you help me?

What version of igntion are you using? I had these same issues that would just happen sporadically to random tags. The fix was in 8.1.5

8.1.4. The solution upgrade ignition is?

If it’s the same issue, then yes the solution would be to upgrade

I will try, thank you.

I upgraded Ignition to version 8.1.5 but the quality Uncertain_InitialValue persists. I have tried to read different memory areas and still have the same problem. I even tried with another S7-1200 but the same happens. This is the information of the PLCs I am trying to connect:
PLC 1: CPU 1214 AC/DC/Rly
Part name: 214-1BG40-0XB0
Firmware version: 4.0

PLC 2: CPU 1212 DC/DC/DC
Part name: 212-1AE31-0XB0
Firmware version: 3.0.2


Maybe is firmware related?
Please update.

I’ve been this happen due to OPC device limitations, even more 1200 over 1500.
Make sure to set the Max Number of Registered Nodes and Monitored Items to max available, when typing you see the range.

What are the system limits of the OPC UA Server with S7-1500 and S7-1200? - ID: 109755846 - Industry Support Siemens