tag.readAll returns different quality (vs tag.read)

When a tag is disabled, I can accurately get the quality (intValue) of 410 (Disabled) when using system.tag.read. But when I use system.tag.readAll, the quality is not the same (returning instead Unknown - 600).

aqv = system.tag.readAll(["MyDisabledTag"])
for qv in aqv:
	print qv.quality.intValue == 410
#this returns false for an existing tag that is disabled
qv = system.tag.read("MyDisabledTag")
print qv.quality.intValue == 410
#this returns true for the same tag

Ignition Platform 7.5.11 (b1526)
SQL Bridge Module 5.5.5 (b289) Activated
Vision Module 6.5.11 (b928) Activated
IA Labs Scripting Module 1.5.0 (b8) Free
Mobile Module 1.5.6 (b239) Trial
ActiveX Module 2.5.0 (b198) Free
Symbol Factory Module 2.6.0 (b46) Trial
Reporting Module 1.5.3 (b229) Activated
Java Version: Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_24
JVM Memory (used/max MB): 138.7 / 455.1
Client Time Zone: America/Chicago [GMT-6:00]
Gateway Time Zone: America/Chicago [GMT-6:00]

This issue was fixed in Ignition 7.6.3 but I don’t think it was ever back ported to 7.5. I had the same result as you in 7.5.12. I will create a ticket to have the issue corrected. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.