Tag reference to a parameter in a UDT

Hi, in a UDT, I can’t make a tag reference that point to a parameter. Also I can’t disable a tag with a logic condition with this parameter.

(UDT) Motor-> Parameter - numberMotor
(tag OPC) Amps> enabled property (disabled if numberMotor = 2)
(tag reference) motorType> value (point to nomberMotor)

Help, please

Try {numberMotor-2}

Use an expression tag instead.

Thank you very much. I had already fix the problem with Expression Tag instead of Reference tag. But I couldn’t disabled the tag . I’ve tried {numberMotor-2} but doesn’t work.

Just verified on my system that it works in 8.0.7.

JCMotorUDT.json (535 Bytes)


Thank you very much Jordan. It works for me now. Is it possible do the same with strings? I think no, but perhaps you know. Thanks one more time, I didn’t find the solution with numbers anywhere.

Nope you can’t do this with string parameters

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Thanks for the immediat answer.

Is possible to put an OR? Like {numberMotor- 2} | {numberMotor- 3}