Tag Report Tool Bug?

Found a pretty annoying bug in the tag report tool.

  1. Search for something that returns multiple pages of tags.
  2. Click the Path table header to change the sort of the results.
  3. Double click a tag to open it and it opens the tag that was previously at that index.

This can be disastrous if you are doing quick changes and don't realize it is the wrong tag you are editing.

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I just created a ticket for it. Fix should make it into 8.1.24.

8.1.24 here and still seeing this issue. Was this moved to 25?

I'm on 25 for a couple projects and bug is still there.

Checking on the status of this bug. 8.1.24 and just discovered why my tag edits were apparently not taking. They were, just on different tags.

Looks like it hasn't been fixed yet.


Actually - it looks like 8.1.27 resolved it.

Tags: Fixed an issue with the tag report tool where double-clicking a tag brings up the wrong tag if columns were sorted.


Right, I guess that section in the docs only include new features not fixes.

I just ran across this bug in 8.1.32. VERY frustrating / disastrous.

Update: if you double click, or right click "Edit" for a single tag or multiple tags, it appears to work. The edit pen icon on the right side of the screen of the tag report tool is what appears not to work properly after sorting the list of tags.