Tag Search (binoculars)

We have two scan classes named 50ms and 250ms. The 50ms scan class had 125 tags and the 250ms scan class has 8000 tags. When I searched by scan class “50ms” it returned 8125 tags instead of 125. I solved the problem by renaming the scan classes to fifty_ms and twofifty_ms. Maybe there is a way to change the query prevent this. Not a big thing. I did not notice this problem until after I hit the button to change all the historical scan classes on the 125 tags but changed 8125 tags.

Can you attach (or e-mail to support@inductiveautomation.com) an export of your SQLTags?

It’s ok, no need for export- what he’s saying is that “50ms” is matching “250ms” as well. As in, the search is basically executing “50ms”.

We’ll adjust this in the search window.