Tag Splitter does not recognise history provider from external Module

I am trying to set up a Tag history splitter on Ignition 8.1.22 gateway. I am able to create the connection and send data on both databases. but the splitter shows "Connection available".
First connection: MySQL tag history
second connection : kafka_tag_history (tag provider configured with Kafka module which is developed my our team)

The issue here is tag history splitter status is not able to evaluate an external history provider. I believe this is a bug on splitter. The connection status for splitter is looking at the Datasource connection which does not exist in this case.
I reached out to IA support and they think we need to modify our Kafka module to register the tag history provider differently with splitter.
Can I get help in looking into this and suggest what changes needs to be done for this to work?

The splitter doesn't know or care about database connections (how would remote history providers work, if that were the case?).

The logic is asking the TagHistoryManager for a TagHistoryProvider by name. Then that TagHistoryProvider is asked for a status, and expected to return com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.model.ProfileStatus#RUNNING.

Without seeing your code, I can't offer any more useful advice.