Tag Splitting with Edge Historian

I'm trying to setup our operations databases so we have 2 pathways. The first is streamlined with all our site data being synced from edge to gateway and then being pruned every 6 months. The second pathway should just be selective tags the we store long term for auditing purposes. Initially I thought the tag splitter would be our best option but I can't see how this would work with database limitations in Ignition Edge. I realize that the tag splitter only works with databases on the same gateway so are there any options to do this all on our local ignition gateway?

Edge doesn't do databases, nor more than a couple weeks of history. Full stop.

Use sync services or MQTT to push your data to a full Ignition instance elsewhere, and do your long-term storage from that. Edge, by itself, is not made to do what you are attempting.

If necessary, replicate/prune in the full Ignition gateway's database at the database level.

I thought IA was changing Edge to be unlimited on history? Perhaps I dreamt that.

Unlimited realtime tags, still limited history buffer/total point count is my understanding.

Thanks for your response. I had a suspicion that this would be the case. Is there anything off the shelf that will take our high priority tags from the gateway database and store them in a long term database or is this something that we're better off handling with a script?

I don't know of any. I'd script it.

Ahhh, then this slide was a bit misleading IMO.

If they don't change often you could maybe dump the history of these tags into CSV files and have these stored for longer period of time.

We used to have similiar issue of using edge on some very remote sites, where comms failing for more than a week wouldn't be unheard of, so if it detected comms failure for more than a few days we'd start dumping history into CSV files every day. These can then be downloaded by operators whenever they come visit to fix the comms.