Tag to Monitor Schedule Active (Yes/No)

I am trying to troubleshoot a schedule and was hoping to create some memory tags to see the status of some schedules that we are using. I would like to be able to trend tags to follow the Activity of the Schedules.
Thank you…

In the schedule editor, you have the calendar preview you can use.

Isn’t that enough?

If not, you can write a script to check if a schedule is active, run it periodically and write the result to a tag. See Check if schedule is active for example.

I did try to use the Schedule editor in a window but only got the schedule names.

Am I doing something wrong?

If you select a schedule, you can click on the edit button, and scroll down to see the calendar.

Though you will probably have to make that component a little wider to be able to read the calendar.

OK. I believe I found my problem. I didn’t click enough to get the information I needed.
Thank you…

I found some scripting that will give me everything I want to know with the exception of the “Active Now?” status.print "Basic schedule type:
‘’‘aSchedule.getName(),(), aSchedule.getDescription(), aSchedule.isAllDays(), aSchedule.isObserveHolidays()’’’

Is there a Scripting Function for the Active Now Value?