Tag tree refresh after client tag add

When we add client sql tag, tag tree must be manually refresh to see these new tag.
It is a bit nasty. Not a big problem.

Is this still a problem in the final 7.7.1? I couldn’t replicate it. Could you also check the designer console under Help>Diagnostics>Console and see if some sort of unhandled error is being logged when you create a tag?


Yes the problem is still there.
When you create a tag client in the root client folder it’s ok, tag’s treeview is refreshed,
But when you create a tag client in a subfolder of the client folder it’s not ok, tag’s treeview isn’t automatically refreshed,

I see. Don’t know why I could replicate that before, I thought I tried that, but trying it again I see what you mean. We’ll get it fixed for 7.7.2 (rc2, as rc1 is about to go out).


This is fixed for 7.7.2-rc2