Tag type change

When I got on the designer this morning, 12 tags had changed from expression to memory tags.

If a tag is written to with system.writeBlocking, would that change the type as well if it writes from one tag directly to another?

I am running 8.1.0, not sure how this happened.

I don’t think that system.tag.writeBlocking() is able to change any tag properties outside of the qualified value ones (value, quality, timestamp). If you suspect that a script is the source of this change, I would be looking for system.tag.configure() instead.

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A quick double-check in the script console has actually proven me wrong; you can change tag properties with writeBlocking, but they must be explicitly referenced in the tagpath:

As unlikely as it seems, but it might be worth doublechecking that none of your scripts are writing to the valueSource property.