Tag value change event on trial expired state

Im developing a software using the ignition 8.0 free trial.
Even if the trial is expired, script binded to my udt tags value change are working.

I have 2 bool tags, when the first one value change to true I make an insert on a db, when the second become true I perform an update.
Everything work as expected, but sometime the update is not being processed.

Is it possible that when the license expire, some script are not being execute?

They are not supposed to execute when the trial expires.

In my project I have about 300 tag with value change script attached, and no vision or perspective.
I’m not using any transaction, only Phyton and named queries.
Everything work as if ignition was in free trial even when it is not, appart from that strange behaviour that happen sometime.
It may be a bug then.

Hello, I just stumbled upon this issue. The version I’m using is 8.1.15, so I guess that if it was a bug it’s still there.
Does anyone knows if there’s a way through scripting to check if the event has been fired for this kind of event? or otherwise, a way to check the license status, and maybe the license timer, through scripting?

It’s definitely against the spirit of the license, if not the strict usage, to automate anything around trial mode. If you think you need this, buy the license.

I don’t disagree with Phil, but for posterity, in 8.1.15+ there’s a license state system tag:

@pturmel Sorry my request was misunderstood. I have many projects for different customers, and usually I build a mirror system for development purpose. In some case they do provide it, but in such a case they don’t provide a license for those systems. It’s never been a problem to reset the trial time manually, until a couple days ago when I’ve found that 20k tags were raising tag change events with, apparently, no reason.

@PGriffith thanks for the tip, anyway, as far as I know, the “LicenseState” tag only tells if there’s some sort of license applied, which is not much useful in this context. I’ve also found that the tag change event is thrown when restarting the OPC UA module, which could happen also in licensed environments. What I meant with my original question is if there could be some way to check if the tag change event is being thrown for reasons different from an actual tag change.

Are you checking the initialChange flag the event provides? Events are called during startup and immediately after code changes or tag restarts with that indicator set. This is documented.

{ I don’t think I misunderstood. I also do almost all of my development for clients using mirrored install w/o license. It is no excuse for trial mode shenanigans. }