Tag value in Custom E-mail Message

I’m trying to add the value of a client tag to a custom message for an alarm, but when I receive the alert e-mail the value of my tag is not being displayed.

I have this added as an expression in the custom message field:

"Machine Number: " + {[Client]MachineNumber} + "\n"

My e-mails reads "Machine Number: "

What am I doing wrong?


Client tags are just that - client scoped. Regular tags, and therefore alarms, are gateway scoped - meaning that a particular alarm that goes off will not know what client to read that client tag from - so it’s not able to read the value.

Also, since the message is not really an expression, it cannot reference a tag value this way. What you can do instead is use a Set Property block to set a new alarm property to the result of an expression, which can read the tag.