Tag value in engHigh using relative tag path

Can't figure out why this is giving me fits, so I figured I'd hit up the experts!
Trying to input the value from a tag using a relative tag path in engHigh..

Tag properties are not expression tags. The binding options available are limited, and do not include other tag values.

If you must, use a tag change event on the source tag to write to the tag property you wish to keep in sync. Keep in mind that this is configuration of the tag on the receiving end.

Gotcha. I saw the "PathToTag" option in the popup and assumed different. Such is life. Thanks!

Yeah, that's not to a different tag, but a string of the path to the tag containing the property you are constructing the binding for.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks again.

Ok I dealt with this in a roundabout way. I created a parameter for TankHeight and used it in the EngHigh for the tags. Then I put a change script on the _Configuration/TankHeight tag that did a tag write to the parameter which in turn updates the other tags. I have the tags set as readonly so I couldn't update them directly. This appears to be working. Thanks again for the direction!

Is there a particular reason you need an actual tag for this, instead of just configuring via the UDT parameter?

We transmit these as standard tags via mqtt to a central site (not as udts). I want to give the ability to change these from there. (Although I do know they will require a rebirth for the central site to see the engMax updates...)