Tag value reverting to incorrect value

I seem to be having problems with a small subset of my tags that I have created.

I can set the value of a tag and the value will be sent to the controller. After the tag updates according to the scan class - it reverts to 0. It wont change from this value unless I change it and then it will show the correct value, send it, then revert back to 0 once again.

It is only affecting 5 tags at the moment out of 500. They are good quality, I have tried various data types. I have tried removing and replacing them. I have tried the step function on the address page.

What kind of device are the tags from? What are the tag addresses? Are there errors in the console on the gateway after you try to write?

They are from a modbus TCP device. The tag addresses are 5 sequential modbus addresses starting at holding register 730 and going to 735 and there are no console errors printed on the gateway.

On the console page you can search for loggers for ‘WriteSingleRegisterRequest’ and ‘WriteMultipleRegistersRequest’ and turn those both to TRACE level, then attempt the writes again. After you’ve captured the output from that, export the logs.bin.gz and email them into support.