Tag values not updated in MQTT transmission

I am new to Ignition and getting myself familiar with the product (using 7.9.16)
I want to publish data from the sample provider through MQTT transmit to MQTT Distributor.
I am following the instructions at https://docs.chariot.io/display/CLD79/Sending+OPC+Tag+Data+with+Transmission
In parallel I have connected MQTT.fx to monitor what happening.
I see the tag structure published when I hit the “Refresh” tag in the tag browser for MQTT transmission.
I can see NBIRTH and NDEATH messages in MQTT.fx.
I had expected from that on the simulated tag values would be continously published but that is not the case. Has it something to do with the NDEATH messages ?

Hi, I’ve got the same issue: MQTT tag values not continously published.
Is there a configuration needed to constantly get the data ?

Is the data changing? If not, the behavior is normal and intended.

data is now coming, just a typo in the ‘subscriptions’ parameter of my topic custom namespace