Tag with Error_Configuration Bad_NodeIdUnknown but tag is Good in the Quick Client

I have a weird issue with a project I'm working on. It most likely stems from my ignorance in controls (including PLCs) but it seems the behavior I'm seeing might not be a PLC issue.

I have a list of 9 Workcenters I'm trying to represent with a UDT and that is working great. The first two instances work great and I can see the tag values I need. The rest of them give me the Error_Configuration message and I'm having trouble understanding why when the setup looks identical.

For instance, here are a few snips of a tag that works:

And here it is in the OPC quick client:

Now here comes the weird part... WC103 is also in that list of tags in the quick client with a Good quality, but when I go to the designer's Tag Browser, it gives me the configuration error. I verified that the OPC path is correct (same as the quick client on the gateway).

Why does one work and the other one not??!

Looks like a space between the opening square bracket and the device name.

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I was just looking through a similar post where you caught an underscore instead of a dash and thought "I would never make that mistake"... :man_facepalming:

Thank you Phil!!!

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