Tag Write Handler - Custom Property & Edit Raw event


Is it possible to recover the writing event of a custom property of a tag?
Same question, can we recover the write event following a right click Edit Raw from the designer?

The registerWriteHandler method does not seem to work for these cases.
I am currently working with version 8.0.14 of the Ignition SDK.


At a guess, these events might be treated as configuration events, rather than write events, upstream. Is configureTag being called when these events happen?

I don’t see how configureTag could help me to catch configuration events.
Are you referring to the use of “Tag event scripts” ?
Because even from the valueChanged event I don’t detect the modification of customProperties.
Isn’t there an UpdateHandler like WriteHandler ? Maybe the event is not at the ManagedTagProvider level but rather at the Gateway or Internaldb level ?

Look at and play with a TagStructureListener added to the GatewayTagManager.

I just tried and it doesn’t solve my problem.
The TagStructureListener does not allow to catch the configuration event.

“Adds a listener that will be notified when tags are added, removed, or renamed.”