Tag Write Handler - Custom Property & Edit Raw event


Is it possible to recover the writing event of a custom property of a tag?
Same question, can we recover the write event following a right click Edit Raw from the designer?

The registerWriteHandler method does not seem to work for these cases.
I am currently working with version 8.0.14 of the Ignition SDK.


At a guess, these events might be treated as configuration events, rather than write events, upstream. Is configureTag being called when these events happen?

I don’t see how configureTag could help me to catch configuration events.
Are you referring to the use of “Tag event scripts” ?
Because even from the valueChanged event I don’t detect the modification of customProperties.
Isn’t there an UpdateHandler like WriteHandler ? Maybe the event is not at the ManagedTagProvider level but rather at the Gateway or Internaldb level ?

Look at and play with a TagStructureListener added to the GatewayTagManager.

I just tried and it doesn’t solve my problem.
The TagStructureListener does not allow to catch the configuration event.

“Adds a listener that will be notified when tags are added, removed, or renamed.”

I finally contacted the Inductive team. Here is the solution they provided, which works perfectly.

It’s possible to catch the modification events of a custom tag property and the editing events of a tag via the Edit (Raw) using the new tag actor factory API.
Essentially, you just need to register your own tag actor factory that specifies which properties you are interested in subscribing to.
You can subscribe to any property including custom properties.

I put you the example provided in attachment.

ExampleTagActor.txt (6.7 KB)