Tag write script not properly writing


We’re having an issue sometimes that the data is not writing properly to tag like some data didn’t write or that it writes to a wrong tag.
Is there any limits on how many tags can be written?
Also, is there a way to check if the tag has been written properly?

system.tag.writeBlocking() and writeAsync() return a list of qualityCodes, one for each tag you attempted to write. That should tell you if the write worked properly.

system.tag.writeBlocking returns a list of quality code objects that will be in the same order as the tags that were in the tagPaths list.

Loop through the list of quality objects and take action based on the results.

tagQuality = system.tag.writeBlocking( tagPaths, tagValues )
for quality in tagQuality:
	print quality

I’ve seen the following responses but there are probably more:
Error_TypeConversion(“more detail here”)

Thank you. Will try and add this on our scripts.