Tag writes triggered without user input


I am having an issue with tag writes being triggered without user input. There are numeric input field bound to view parameters bidirectionally. This view is embedded inside a main view and the tags are bound to the embedded view parameters bidirectionally.

When I navigate from a page to this main page that contains the embedded view, the application tries to write the values from the numeric input fields to the PLC. There are no scripts associated with the numeric input fields.

I did not notice this behavior during development since the tag provider was configured for read and write. I set the tag provider to ‘read only’ when the system was implemented at the client’s office and that’s when I noticed the tag writes.

I remember this was a known bug. I don’t know if this was fixed in latest versions.

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Confirmed with tech support that this is an unexpected behavior in 8.1.13 and will be fixed in 8.1.14.

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