TagEditModel in ignition-sdk-version : 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT?

I try to use :

context.getTagManager().getTagProvider(<name>).getTagConfigsAsync(paths, recursive, localPropsOnly)

with ignition-sdk-version : 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT, the IDE can’t resolve TagEditModel ???

What part of this call needs TagEditModel (which doesn’t exist in 8.0)?

the returned value :



TagEditModel != TagConfigurationModel

Try setting your SDK version to 8.0.1 and see if anything changes.

I think it’s wrong in this javadoc ?

Yeah those java docs are a bit old now. The java doc jars that are published along with the SDK artifacts should be more up to date. Your IDE should be able to retrieve those for you and link them up with the corresponding classes.

Publishing the HTML site version of the java docs is apparently not part of the build and is slow or time consuming or something, I’ll ask around.