TagPath Editing and Historian Data Retention Issue


Searched through the forum but no luck so far. Issue is a tagpath required an update by adding a folder and moving some tags under that folder which is no issue. The problem stands where the group of tags are now having History collection issues.
Gateway is receiving lots of log issues relating to this item as well. Combed through the sqlth_te tables and the data subset which looks fine with the new path.

Is there a correct method for switching tagpaths and keeping history data retention. As we display historical information through Easy Charts.

Edit: I should add our build info for reference.
Ignition 8.1.7
Writing the history data to MSSQL 15.0.2000.5



Changing tagpaths is always a difficult operation. I would suggest you find the old tag path references in the sqlth_te table and change it to your new path. It should be able to pull the original history then. Of course take note of what ones you are changing in case you need to reverse it.

Good luck!

That’s what I figured , I traced where my issue started through the gateway audit logs, then for now re-created the tagpath in designer for the history data to come through.

Will update the sqlth_te paths and see how that progresses with history on a new path. Thankfully it is only a handful of tags under this path.

Thank You