Tags are not visible in "OPC Quick Client"

Hello All,

I am facing some bugs while configuring OPC tags. Trying to collect data from Siemens WinCC RT advanced SCADA to Ignition through OPC UA.

Siemens WinCC will act as OPC UA server and ignition as Client.

Here the problem came i can able to access all the tags by using UA expert OPC client software. While in ignition, OPC connection status “Connected” and the folders are visible but the tags under the folder was not visible.

version info:
Wincc RT advanced - Version V 14.
Ignition - V 8.1.5.

Also tested with Ignition V 8.1.19.

The best way to troubleshoot this would be to disable security on the OPC UA connection, if it’s enabled, and then get a Wireshark capture while you do the browsing in the Quick Client.

The capture will need to be run on the same server that the Ignition Gateway is on. Support can help you with this if needed.