Tags changed by template Initialization

Hello There,
I am using a project where there are multiple templates binded to UDT through indirect tags. This templates also have SQL queries on component.
Now, there is one client per 2 templates which have rights to change and alter the SQL queries and tags. However, when any other client opens the window for the first time after starting the project, the template values gets initialized and changed in the tags. Is there any way to stop this ?

I hope the question was clear, please let me know if not.

No, the initial values as set when the project is saved in the designer. If you want runtime configuration, you need to arrange to save the designer project with “neutral” values, and have bindings deliver the runtime configuration from wherever you store it.

Hello Phil, My apologies for not being clear.

The template has an SQL bindings on the component which relies on another component on the template. Hence, when window is first initialized containing these templates, the component which another SQL binding is relied on goes to -1 (Its a dropdown component). Now, this causes another dropdown component selectedValue to go to first available value in the newly refreshed list.

Sounds like this latter component needs a custom property to hold the value that should persist, so that its selectedValue can be initialized when all the bindings settle.

You may also want to retain the rows in the SQL bindings for these dropdowns.

Ahh, yes, may be I can try that out. Will keep you posted.

Thanks so much Phil