Tags dropping out after power outage


We’ve been experiencing an issue with some of our OPC tags dropping out. They were working fine until we had a power outage last month, so I’m not sure if it’s an issue with Ignition specifically but I’m desperate for troubleshooting suggestions. The dropouts are seemingly random and occur on tags connected to both Siemens and AB PLCs which are on several different networks. Our glycol system seems to drop out the most -

From what I’ve seen, when it drops out the device connection page shows “Connected: Browse pending…”

And the log on the device connection shows this -

There are many more errors on the complete log but I wasn’t sure what was relevant or not. Any ideas are appreciated, I can include more info if needed. It’s happening on both of our gateways, one running V8.1.14 and the other V8.0.17

Thanks in advance!

Looks like someone has been editing that controller. Comms dropout while rediscovering all tags is unavoidable.

The dropouts occur at least once per hour, every day for the past month on several different devices so I don’t think it should be due to anybody working on them.

Well, something is disconnecting Ignition from those devices. It might be a network issue, too. You are probably going to need to collect a packet capture with wireshark. Open a support ticket if you can’t interpret that yourself.

If your gateway is a VM, and your IT folk have overcommitted resources, you might be getting VM stalls. Those could also break your TCP connections (are all the disconnects happening together?). Such stalls are typically accompanied by “clock drift detector” warnings in the gateway log.