Tags Error in the Tag Browser in Designer

I’m trying to access the tags from my OPCUA server for use in one of my Designer window objects. However, when I go to the Tag Browser it shows “Error” for the Tags tree. Hovering the error it says “Error executing gateway function.”

I am using tags from OPCUA for my Transaction Groups and they work fine.

What am I missing?

I’ve seen this occasionally over poor/slow connections. Is connection to gateway online (green checkbox on symbol at bottom right of Designer)?

I’ve also seen this when gateway PC CPU was swamped by anti-virus software. Is your gateway CPU usage high when this happens?

My checkbox is green.

And the CPU is doing okay as well.

Shooting in the dark at this point, but I’d try restarting Designer and OPC-UA module.

Tried that and I still have ring around the collar. (Who understands that reference?) :slight_smile:

I did find some other details on the error. When I create an OPC tag for a standard group, I get this:

If I click the refresh button for the OPC Server

I get an error that may associated with my original problem.

So it looks like I have a “default” that is undefined. Which one that is, is a mystery.

If I click this button:

I get my OPC server and all the tags I am looking for.

Project Properties -> General -> Default Tag Provider


Now I’m getting somewhere. However, the only Tag Provider I have to choose from is “System” and I already had that in my root tree. It still does not provide me with the tags within my OPC-UA connection. I can’t manually type in my provider.

Sounds like the default provider either A: no longer exists or B: is disabled.
Go to the gateway webpage, then Configure -> Tags -> Realtime, and if there is a default entry, edit and re-enable it - if there’s no entry available, then you can simply create a new realtime tag provider. Then you should be able to select it from the project properties.

Thanks. All of your input is valuable. I did all that so now I have 2 tag providers and they are both enabled. I no longer get the errors in designer.

However, how do I go about attaching an OPC device to the tag provider? I can use the OPC Browser to see my devices but I don’t see anything in the Tag Browser that relates back the the OPC devices, other than the System>Gateway>OPC>Connections but that just gives me connection tags et al.

I’m trying to bind PLC tags to my displays.

From the OPC browser, just drag and drop whatever tags you want to subscribe to into the tag browser. That will create subscribed tags with the appropriate item path/datatype/etc.

Doh! Thanks. Geez, can you make just a little more difficult? It’s way too easy. :slight_smile:

Awesome! That fixed my issue also. For some reason the default tag provider was not enabled.