Tags error

I’m getting the following error when I’m in designer. I can’t put tags from the OPC device into the project tags folder.

I also get this error when I start a project in designer

I can use SQL Bridge and log tags from OPC to DB.

This is because your project does not have a default SQLTags provider selected. So open up Project -> Properties from the menu. Select General under Project. Finally select your SQLTags Default Provider from the dropdown list and try again.

Oh, well that was an easy fix.

Why require us to select “default” if that’s all it takes?

Default may or may not exist. From a fresh install it is there.

I’ll take this opportunity to point out that when upgrading from a legacy FactorySQL project, you’ll need to go set these defaults.

However, we intend to update the upgrade procedure to make this part of the process and prevent these trivial problems.

I haven’t gotten to the point of trying to import my FactorySQL project into Ignition quite yet. I’m just poking around and checking out the new interface.

While I have your attention, where do I go in SQL Bridge to turn on “use polled reads instead of subscriptions”?

Unfortunately Polled Reads haven’t made their way into the SQL Bridge module yet. We realize this is a big oversight that will affect backwards compatibility for some projects, so we’ll be trying to it put in very soon.

Colby, you’re right, this is a very big oversight. I’ve used polled reads on almost every transaction group in FactorySQL to cut down on network traffic. If I brought everything over to SQL Bridge right now my network would slow to a crawl. I’m glad I asked about this because I was ready to place an order with you guys last week. I can’t do that though until this feature is in place. This is essential.

Should I put this in the feature request section of the forum?

No, you don’t need to request it. It’s already a high priority in our own tracking system.