Tags from Edge sever to Main Ignition Server

How do i pull the tags from my Edge server to my Main Ignition server.
I had to install an ignition edge server onsite locally as it is on a wireless internet connection a was having issues communicating to one PLC with 20000 tags and about to double that soon.
I can push the main server tags to the edge server but can’t see a way to do the reverse.
I can’t do it via OPC-UA as an Edge server only allows to bind locally and has no option to set the bind address.

Are you using MQTT ?

Another easy option is Ignition Edge Sync Services. (Need license for this)

“Ignition Edge Sync Services acts as a limited remote server that synchronizes data from the edge of the network to a central Ignition server.”
Please refer : https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Edge+Sync+Services

Have you tried configuring a remote tag provider on the main server pointing at your edge gateway?


Thanks that is the wording I was looking for to configure.