Tags gives config error


I have an UDT in my project.
And the udt addresses are just fine however the instance gives config error at all tags.
I can solve this to override those “OPC Item Path” even when I do not change the path to the tag!
I dont want to overwrite every tag path with just the same path.

here the UDT:
alarmudt.json (942.6 KB)

and the Instance:
alarminstance.json (323.5 KB)

It seems like the Opc ItemPath takes it litteraly:

If I change the {PLCName} to the hardcoded name of the PLC then it works.
Also if I to the binding again (not typing it but really the binding) then it will work

I found it, it was the json that ruins how Ignition reads the binding.
But still strange that the binding is correct on an overwrite then when not changing the path