Tags import problem

Hello, I has a project in a ignition gateway, I exported the project and the tags that I’ve created in this project…

the client made a restore of a previous backup and i think him didn’t do a backup of the one I has a project…

anyways i have the tags.json but when i import it, a error show me that i have no udt for this tags and just not import it… there is a form to recover the udt from this file?

You’ll need the UDTs exported from the source gateway.

Note, gateway tags are not part of any project. They have to be imported and exported separately every time. Along with any UDTs they use.

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thanks for replying, bad for me I lost the UDT, but I opened the json from my tags and I recover all the name of the tags inside the UDT, but not the data,… at least i didn’t start from 0