Tags in PLC missing In Tag Browser

Weird issue I have Ignition 7.9 connected to Control Logix PLC and for some reason certain tags aren’t seen by Ignition. I have a Bool array of 32 for a tag called Motor.StartPB[32] and only the first one is found StartPB[0] any ideas what it can be? Same thing is happening for Motor.StopPB[32] only Motor.StopPB[0] is found.

You’ll have to address them like this:


On the PLC they look like this:


Would I still need to follow your address structure?

[1].0 will be the 33rd Boolean bit
[1].1 the 34th. And so on

Sorry I think I might have said my question wrong.

This is the tag I have


That is what I see on the PLC. While in Ignition all I see is Motor.StartPB[0] all the other ones are missing. I specifically need Motor.StartPB[6] how do I get that to show up in Ignition


If you had more than 32 they would start over at Motor.StartPB[1].

In Logix processors, Arrays of BOOL are implemented as arrays of DINT with enough elements to cover the declared size of the boolean arrays. This is what shows up externally.

Oh you are right wow. My life has been a lie. Thank you for your help

Would it be impossible to convert them to a format resembling an array of BOOLs on the Ignition side? Just to make it easier on everyone. Well, everyone except Kevin…

I’ve got an issue open internally to explore this, but it just hasn’t really been prioritized. It’s also going to be annoying because it will have to be a configuration setting on the driver where you opt into which mode you want the bool arrays exposed, otherwise the change won’t be backwards compatible.

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Ok Ive got another one. A tag called TransDest its a DINT on the PLC and its not showing up on Ignition

Did you go to the OPC browser and add it to your Ignition tags?

Yea looks like there was an issue with the way they setup Ignition I had to readd the PLC and everything showed up. No issues since