Tags Mapping In Script


I am having 21 machines in 4 categories with overall 220+ tags, for which I am having 20+ tags common in each category. So can someone help me with what method I should referer to binding the tags to screens i.e. either I should with direct tags assignment, use reference tags, or can map the tags in the script with assigned reference tags?

Indirect binding. That uses a separate string parameter for your views that holds the base folder name of the tags for machine. Within each binding, you reference the string parameter and tack on the rest of path as a constant.

No need for reference tags if you've arranges your OPC tags in folders by machine. (Keep in mind that Ignition tags do not need to follow the same folder hierarchy as the PLC, and usually should not.)

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Thanks Phil for the suggestion, but i am very new to the Ignition platform can you please help out in a another way because solution you suggsted is little tricky for me to understand. Hope you wont mind that.

Thank in advance.

Inductive University is best source of the basics of Ignition:

Consider going through the whole thing.

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