Tags marked for history storage are not being stored?

Environment: Ignition 7.6.4, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)

We have a customer running our application with tags that are marked as “Store History for this tag” as “Yes”, but the tag values are not storing, and I have confirmed this in the historian tables. Many tags are actually storing history fine and they are set up the same way. All the SQL tags are set up the same way as I have set up tags for many other customers with the same Ignition, SQL Server, and Windows versions and they have worked fine for other systems. This customer is currently running in Trial mode (not sure why they have not applied the license key).

Anyway, if I remote into their system and toggle “Store History for this tag” to “No” and Apply, then toggle back to “Yes” and apply, the tag values start storing in the historian table and showing up in the Easy Charts.

I have tried completely removing the Historian tables and the SQL tags, then stopping and restarting the Gateway, then reimporting the SQL tags and still have the same issue. Then the tag history enabled setting has to be manually toggled to get the history values to be saved. There are a lot of tags to do this all manually.

On perhaps a related note, there are also SQL tags that don’t exist in the actual address space or the OPC Browser, yet when I delete these perhaps old SQL Tags, they immediately come back to the SQL tags address space. Perhaps this is related?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

A couple notes:

(1) If you create a table, and configure its data property to use a tag history binding with a “Raw” sample size, do you really see no rows for a tag that has history being logged? If there’s data, but less than you’d expect, it likely boils down to how you’re deciding to collect history. If there’s really nothing there:

(2) Is your historical scan class executing? You can check out “Status > Tags” on your gateway webpage, and see if that sheds any light on the problem. If you’re using “Evaluate on Change”, try using a schedule-based scan class instead as a test.

(3) Naturally, make sure you have a stable connection to your database, and that your tags aren’t bad quality. Check for errors in the gateway logs.

(4) It goes without saying to make sure your deadband and Analog/Discrete setting isn’t simply keeping history from being regularly logged. Try configuring a “Max Time Between Executions” setting, if you haven’t already.

I’m a little worried by the problem you’re seeing with deleted SQL tags being repopulated, and while it may or may not be related, that might be something to file a ticket for with Inductive Automation support.