Tags misaligned in client launcher

Hi All,

I have an issue where all my tagging is aligned in builder but in client launcher there are multiple misaligned tags. How do i stop this from happening?

What do you mean by tagging? Do you have a screenshot example?

I can’t send a screenshot but I mean, say you have 20 analogues and you drag them into a page, and align them all perfectly in a group. You then launch the client and said 20 tags are not aligned… say 5 or 6 jump out of alignment. You open the builder back up and but the tags are perfectly aligned still.

It seems when you say “tags” in this case you mean the components displaying your tags, and when you say “builder” you mean Ignition’s designer. Non-standard terminology can throw off us volunteers.

Anyways, components in Ignition’s Vision clients have a “layout” setting that controls what happens for different client screen sizes. You place components in the designer by pixel. In the client, if the components have “anchored” layout, the components will use the designer’s size in pixels, and adjust their position according to the anchors chosen (left/top alignment is default for anchored). If the components have “relative” layout, their size will be scaled to the new window size, and moved according the scaling rules selected. Scaling cannot guarantee pixel-accurate placement, due to round-off.

This training video should help:


Consider going through all of the free online training.

I resolved by grouping my objects. It’s a fix, I don’t understand still as to why say only one or two objects in a column of 40 move out of alignment but grouping stopped this from happening.