Tags on Template VS Actual, Different Results

I have an OPC Tag which uses Simulators Dairy Demo Simulator. I put that tag as a tag member of my UDT.

A LED Display Component in one of my Template is bound to that particular tag to simulate value changes.

And here I encounter a problem. In my Template, the LED Display shows the tag value well (as shown in template1.png (the first image).


But in the actual windows, it is covered by tag(?) symbol. (as shown in the template2.png)


And also, in my Tag Browser the tag(?) symbol is retained.


What could go wrong here? What must I do to remove the error tag(?)

The culprit is the Trial Time! I use my own copy of Ignition (Trial Version) to design the Ignition Windows before I deploy it in my server which has the full version Ignition.

The Trial Time has expired and I seldom reset it and thus I got the error. Now that I have reset it, everything goes fine. :smiley: