Tags removed from Ignition MQTT Engine after node offline for 2 days

N00b @ MQTT.

We have lots of sites providing tags via MQTT and we’ve setup history on the MQTT provider tags themselves so that we get backfilled data. We then have Ignition tag UDTs with Reference tags that link to these MQTT tags for display in Ignition. I don’t like this setup and would prefer all tags in Ignition, however we need backfilling.

What we noticed: a site has been offline for 2 days so far and all of the MQTT tags for this site have disappeared from the engine… meaning all of our history configuration is also gone.

What determines how long the MQTT tags stay in Engine for? and can deleting them automatically be disabled?

Did you restart some time during those 2 days?

Might be some answers here: MQTT Engine: auto-prune removed metrics? - #4 by 321liftoff