Tags using inherited ressources

Hello there,

Here’s my problem: I can’t use overriden ressources with tags.
Let me give an example:
I make a script in the parent project:

def testFunc():
    return "Parent project"

Then override it in child project:

def testFunc():
    return "Child project"

Now, in the child project, if I make a gateway even timer script:

print Shared.test.testFunc()

It will print "Child project" to wrapper.log

But if create an expression tag and give it runScript("Shared.test.testFunc"), its value is Parent project

I understand there are scopes and all, but how can I make a tag use project-specific ressources ?
Besides being an annoying behavior, it took me quite a while to understand why my tags values were null… And editing a global project for project-specific things feels a bit itchy.

Can anyone tell me more or point me to some ressources I could read to try and understand all this better ?
Thanks in advance to you all wonderful people !

Tags are globally defined and do not belong to a project. They can only reference project scripts if that project is designated as the Gateway Scripting Project.