Tags value to dataset

hello, i want to make a dataset with the values of a n number of tags, in this case i have a folder with 3 int tags and i have this code but it gives me the error: “list indices must be integers”


1st I declare the 2 datasets
2nd I get all the paths in tagDS
3rd I try to get the values but it is when the error appears
it gives me the error at line 9 but i can not see how to fix this, thank you.

I think the thing that’s getting you is tagDS[tag]. In the loop for tag in tags:, tag is not a number it’s an object. What version of Ignition are you using.? You can use system.tag.readBlocking() or system.tag.readAsync() to read many items at a time, so this looping may not be necessary.

Hello, thanks for reply; i am using 8.1 edge; i had tried another script but seems not work neither.

by the way; how is that about the readblocking to avoid the loop? could you be so kind to explain to me? i have read in the documentation that functions but i tought it would be the same

i fixed that, i discover the way, thanks you so much! :slight_smile: