Tags with poor quality when screen initially opens

Anyone else have this issue?

When I first navigate to a screen every tag binding has quality overlay for a second or so, before showing up. After I have navigated to a screen once then this effect is gone.

Is there a way to remove this effect without disabling the overlay system entirely?

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I do see that too, but never thought much about it. I would be interested in a solution if anyone knows of one.

The only time I remember seeing this was when I set up a leased scan class and forgot to set the stale timeout greater than the slow rate. Then any tag at the slow rate (no open display using it anywhere) will spend some of its time as stale. Opening the window leases it, causing it to switch to the fast rate. Most windows are cached after opening, so their tags stay leased.

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I think the obvious solution would be to temporarily disable tag overlays on windowOpened script and then a few moments later re-enable it. This seems like a pain to do though.