Tags with the same name dragged onto a Power Chart are indistinguishable

Hi all;

We’ve created a UDT to help with alarming that has (for the sake of simplicity) three component tags - Process Value, LCL and UCL. The alarming on the Process Value tag is bound to the values of the LCL and UCL tags which are updated whenever the product SKU we’re currently running changes.

What we’re finding, though, is in some components like Power Chart when the user drags the Process Value piece of different instances of the UDT onto the chart for trending…all that shows up in the legend is “Process Value” repeatedly. This may also impact other Ignition areas – I’m not sure yet.

My question is – can we override how that “Process Value” component tag shows up by default in the UI? Similar to something like DisplayPath for alarming?

Thanks for any help…