Take Display Path from Alarm Status Table

Hello! In Ignition 7.7.1 how i can get the Display Path from Alarm Status Table ot another columns if this table dont have property “data”?

Next, i must to get Display Path from selected alarm and write the “4” to tag of this alarm using Acknowlegment. How i can do this?

In Dataset “Selected alarms” column DIsplayPath empty :scratch:
screenshot.su/show.php?img=d5151 … f2aa64.jpg

This component does not have a data property, that is correct. You could query the alarm_events table to get the information you are looking for. This may be a little bit tricky though. You could use the system.alarm.queryStatus function to return this information. This may be the better way to go.

support.inductiveautomation.com … status.htm

To write a specific value to the tag when it is acknowledged you could try using a “Alarm Acknowledged” Event Script.

The Display Path column is most likely empty because you do not have the display path property configured in the alarm on the tag. If the display path property is left empty it will not display anything.