Take photos using Perspective mobile app and store in database

Can the perspective mobile app be used on an iPad to take a photo and store it in a database to view or retrieve? If so, how? If not, is this feature in the works anytime soon?

iOS has been reported to support using the camera with the file upload component. You'll want to test that with your specific iPad.

Upon upload, if you save the photo bytes to a database as a blob, you can get them via URL for display either with the WebDev module, or my free Blob Server module. The WebDev module can also support retrieval from other locations.

Thanks @pturmel, I could also use the system.perspective.download function to retrieve the photos too right? But users would have to download before they could view them right? How might I access your free blob server module?

  1. Yes,

  2. Yes,

  3. Here:

I can confirm that iPads running a Perspective app in Edge, will prompt the user, when uploading a file, whether they want to Take Photo or Take Video. Very handy.

Trying to figure out how we can get that prompt for Edge on Windows.

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