Take screenshots for windows that are not open

I want to make a screenshot for windows that are not open, the objective of this script is to see the window before opening it. Can you help me please

I would not expect this is possible. If you need something like this at runtime, you will probably have to open every window in the designer to build a complete set of static images. With a bunch of scripting to display them in a popup frame.

Will a screenshot of the window the last time it was saved be sufficient? If so, here is a video of something I built to do just that.



That’s cool, how’d you do that? Looks like you’re grabbing whatever the designer uses to get that little preview thumbnail, right?


Here ya go, some python magic!!

get window template.proj (7.0 KB)


Nice, that’s my favorite kind of magic too. Good stuff there.

Very good stuff, indeed!

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Kyle, I can’t see the video and the project file throws an error “premature end of file” when I try to import. Is it possible to post a code snippet?

Make sure you’re on v7.9.5 or above for that project file. Or set up a temporary install of 7.9.5 that you can cut and paste from.

What I’ve done in the past was open up the project file in a text editor and change the version to match yours. Can’t claim this won’t screw things up on some differences in versions, but should be alright for this.

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Thanks, that did the trick.