Tank volume shows integer value but tag is set to a float

i need help tank volume shows in floating point means after decimal but its still showing in real number

someone can help me please


I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you give us some more info–maybe a screenshot–of what’s wrong?

tank volume already selected as floating but still shown in integer e.g. volume 41 % but i need 41.11 %

How are you displaying the tag value? Inside of a numeric label? Have you checked the display format on the component? It should be #,##0.00 or similar. Also, you tagged “database”, so is this value coming in from a database? Is the value in the database table a float?


thank you but one request how to write tag expression i want to calculate tank volume from tank level
e.g. {[.]MIXT LEVEL}*3 but still showing in integer format i need in floating format tank volume display

Try multiplying by 3.0 instead

Sir, I already try multiply 3.0 in place of 3 but same i need to show tank volume in floating point line 41.11 %

Well you still haven’t answered any of my initial questions :thinking: bit hard to help without more info

@PATIL, please confirm what you have for your display format. A screenshot showing your configuration would be good.

This solution also helped me. Thank you @nminchin.