Targeting two components with different colour table using same custom CSS theme

I have modified the CSS files and created my own custom theme file. My question is , how to change component color of two separate components which uses same custom theme that i have created? Issue is that if change color E.g: CSS table file , its getting affected for both components. I dont want that to happen.

In my case, I want to change table header label color of components i.e,

  1. Alarm status table header label to - white
  2. Power chart pens label color to - black

Hi @Sanath_Hebbar_P, you should be able to use the developer tools in your preferred browser to determine the classes used by the components and/or html elements and then use the appropriate css selectors in your css file to only target specific components.

Are you able to share the part of your css theme that is producing this?

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Well thanks for the reply!!!
Problem Solved…I could change by Adding .psc- and its working fine