Task usersourcemanager cache-updater threw uncaught exceptio


I am seeing this error in the console every 30 seconds for the past few days. It does not seem to be affecting the running of my system. Any ideas as to what is causing it?.


Running 7.7.4 64 bit and Java 1.8.0_40

logs.bin.gz (327 KB)

It looks like you have a user source cache that may be stuck. Is there anyway you can either post a thread dump or send one in to support@inductiveautomation.com. If you email it in, please include a link to this forum thread so we can easily relate the two. Thanks.

@greg.simpson Was there ever any resolution this issue? We have a gateway doing the same thing, which is also causing ClockDriftDetector pause-the-world.

What version of Ignition are you using? Since you are posting to a thread that has been silent since April 2015 I would assume you are having a different issue. Especially if you are not using the same version of Ignition as the OP. But I do believe this issue has been resolved.

7.8.4. We will be updating to 7.9.2 once it releases.

We have about 20 gateways all connected to various domain controllers, but this is the first time I’ve seen issues with LDAP usersourcemanager cache issues.

We run all of our gateways with a max heap size of 8192 mb, wondering if the default garbage collector might be one of the issues for cache management issues. I just changed the system to use the G1 garbage collector and restarted the service. Will continue to monitor it.

Has this issue been resolved? I am having a similar problem where two of my threads are blocked.
I am running ignition 7.9.10, is there a way to unlock this or delete it?

Since I don’t see solutions to this at any date, were the previous issues handled one-on-one? I am experiencing same message today. version 7.8