TCP Communication Loss - Barcode Scanning

We have integrated Zebra FS20 barcode scanners into Ignition through TCP protocol, but are experiencing occasional loss of data on the order of 1 per 3000 messages. I am able to confirm 100% reads from the scanner, so leaning towards an issue on the Ignition side.
Not seeing any device timeouts in the Log.
Any thoughts?

How/where are you determining a message is missed? How fast do they arrive?

Hi Kevin,

We know how many should have been scanned, and have verification from the scanner, a count from the self hosted web hmi. I am also historizing the scanned barcode message.
We are only scanning once every 20 seconds.

I think realistically the only way to prove one side or the other is at fault will be to run a continuous Wireshark capture that captures a missed message according to what you've historized.

There's a logger you'll find searching for "PayloadHandler" that would also be useful when set to DEBUG level. Or perhaps all of the loggers found searching "TCPDriver". See Diagnostics - Logs - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

If you need help with either of these things you can open a support ticket and they should be able to help you out.

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Thomas, I know there was one time I had issues with missed scans as well, however I was using a Honeywell handheld barcode scanner. The issue might have been some sort of polling delay internal to the TCP driver. Have you tried testing your setup with a different module from @chi GitHub - chi-Ignition/generic-tcp-driver: A universal tcp client/server driver for the Ignition(R) OPC-UA server.

My issue was a long time ago...back in Ignition 7.9 days so I can't offer much more help, but at least this will give you something else to try in the meantime.

Yeah, I think there's some weird internal 250ms polling due to this driver being ancient. That's why I was asking how fast barcodes are scanned. At only 20s it's probably not an issue.

edit: looks like it's actually 25ms, so... still awkward but even less likely to be an issue if the 20s quote is accurate.

We were only scanning once per minute and would still occasionally skip a scan. As I am recalling a bit more, this might have been with the Serial Port module (and the USB barcode scanner doing some serial port emulation). I had to switch over to use some Serial to TCP converter software so as to utilize the Ignition TCP driver instead and the problem didn't show up again...that I know of.