TCP Connection in Ignition apparently not polling

I setup a TCP connection to a remote device in ignition. The remote device as a TCP server that is supposed to respond with information whenever a connection is requested.

Using QuickClient I can subscribe to the remote device and see that it works when a message is sent. Again, the TCP Server should respond just when connected, whether a message is sent or not.

But I have the QuickClient setup to poll every 1000 ms and it does not appear to be polling. When I look at the same tag in Ignition designer (where I think it should recognize new values coming in every 1000ms) it also shows only a static value.

The scan class for the tag is set to rescan every 1000 ms as well.

What am I doing wrong?

Never mind, I discovered the problem. Since the TCP Connection in Ignition is listen-only, the server code on the remote side must be programmed to respond when a connection is received and not when a message is received.