TCP connection lost in logs

I have created a connection to a scale as a device using the tcp driver. In order to get the scale reading I have to send a message to the scale and then it sends a packet back. Everything works fine. The only issue I have is that I get ‘connection lost’ errors in the gateways diagnostic logs every second or so when ever I am not polling the scale. Even when I am, I get a timeout error which I have set to 2 seconds. I assume this is because it is not an ‘active’ connection and only sends data when polled. I tried creating a subscription using active client but that only seems to do the write and read when you first configure. Setting the polling rate there does not seem to do anything.
How can I stop the logs from filling up with this meaningless message.

Take a look at your Inactivity Timeout under your device (TCP Driver).

If your Inactivity Timeout is 0 or greater then your pulling scan, this means that the scale is dropping your connection. Try looking into some settings on that side.

I’m not sure how this helps me as -1 doesn’t seem to be a valid option for Inactivity timeout. I also can’t check anything on the scale side, it’s basically a black box. There isn’t any configuration available to me. It doesn’t seem to be a tcp server that I can maintain a connection with. I can send a message asking for a reading and it will respond. Ignition seems to not like that kind of setup but it is working, it is just floods my log with an error I don’t care about.