TCP connection with STX and ETX

Hi all
I need to set up a TCP communication to a network device the is using the following delimiters:

  • STX as start of telegram
  • ETX as end of telegram

Is it possible to do it using a TCP Driver with character based delimiter? At now I am able to specify “STX” by putting “\u0002” as delimiter. This way is obviously not the correct one because the driver will expect a message like this
Message contentent

Is is possible to do it? As an alternative is there another way to do it?

Hi there, did you resolve this? I am trying to add ETX as the character based delimiter with no luck so far. I have tried \x03, \x03, \cC and some other variations I forgot so far. I know this is a 5-year-old question with no answer, but I am hopeful that I’ll get an answer :slight_smile:

Just found the answer right after replying here: